Best Marketing Giveaways for Small Business





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Marketing giveaways are a great way to grow an emerging brand without breaking the bank.

The biggest issue for small businesses is that building brand awareness is quite difficult at the very beginning, especially if you don’t have the resources which other larger companies would have at their disposal. However, there are a few ways to get your brand off and running using relatively inexpensive promotional merchandise.

In what follows, we’ll go through some of the best marketing giveaways for a small business looking to grow brand recognition as fast as possible with a limited resource pool.

Best Low Cost Promotional Items for Small Businesses

It can be quite tricky to think of promotional items which are both low in cost and effective in terms of growing your brand. Luckily, some of the most effective promotional products out there are also available at relatively low-price points and can be used by small businesses without incurring large costs.

Items which will be used and looked at every day are the obvious choices; they will provide the most value for your brand as you aim to create brand awareness. While trying to think outside the box can benefit your marketing strategy, it can also backfire spectacularly and leave you in a worse position than before. We’ll first look at two safe options which are both easy and cheap to do, and which, if done right, could generate tremendous benefits for your business. Next we’ll explore a few other options which, while tougher to pull off, can still improve your reach and make your brand stand out.  

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Branded mugs

Mugs are one of the items which people tend to use every day whether it be in the office or at home.

Whether you prefer a morning brew of coffee, tea, or some other hot beverage, you’ll always find yourself using a mug. Try to make your company’s logo and name feature as prominently as possible and be visible from all sides. A good tactic is to place your logo on one side of the mug and your website on the other; you could also do logo on one side and name on the other depending on the type of logo you’ve chosen.

If you haven’t got a logo yet or would like to improve upon your current one, check out our blog post on how to make your logo more merchandise friendly.  

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Branded calendars

Calendars are another one of these promotional items that you just know will be looked at on a daily basis. People usually place calendars in conspicuous spots and check them every so often, especially if they write down their appointments or to do lists underneath every day. For a small business looking to get the word out, the constant exposure provided by calendars is hard to beat. One of the only issues with this type of promotional item is that it expires after a year, and so you won’t get as much value out of your batch of calendars as you will your mug, for example.

You should make sure your company’s name and logo feature prominently on each page, while also leaving enough space for daily entries. Sacrificing usefulness for a slightly bigger logo is definitely not the way to go though; try to achieve a balance.

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Branded apparel

Spots one and two were occupied by a couple of all-stars when it comes to marketing giveaways for small business organisations. Calendars and mugs will tend to work without you having to put too much creative work into the process due to their usefulness. Apparel will be a bit more complicated to get right just because most people won’t want to wear a shirt or cap with business branding unless there is some sort of distinct feature which makes the item special. This means you need to try much harder if you want to get even close to the same exposure out of these products as the previous two.

In order to make your apparel stand out, you’ll need to come up with a witty slogan. It should be something that people can immediately associate with your business after some time, while also being versatile enough that it can be great without having to refer back to the brand or wider marketing framework which you’ve put out. Also, it doesn’t even need to be a slogan; it could just as well be a good looking and versatile logo, or anything else that represents your brand and harkens back to the image you want people to associate with your company.

Of course, choosing materials that look great and are easy and comfortable to wear is very important. No matter how adaptable your slogan or logo is, if you come out with sloppy-looking merch, nobody is going to wear it. 

Having customers wear your apparel instantly turns them into walking advertisements and can grow your business continuously without the need for any further resources to be spent.

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Customised playing cards

If done right, this can be one of the most impressive marketing giveaways for small business organisations. Printing a pack of cards which has your business’ identifiers all over will go a long way in building your brand.

People will start thinking of your company as a creative, out-of-the-box organisation that isn’t afraid to innovate and come up with playful products.

If nothing else, it’s a great way to get exposure as card games are still very popular. You should put effort into making the deck look good as this will ensure your brand becomes etched into the memories of those who come across the giveaway.  

Branded keyrings

Last but not least are branded keyrings. These small items are cheap to produce and are another one of those objects which people see every day. They can really popularise your brand if people use them.

Focus on Positive Outcomes

The main outcomes you should have at the forefront of your mind when compiling a marketing giveaway strategy for your small business are increased exposure and brand growth.

You can get quite a lot of exposure by using one or more of these simple yet effective marketing giveaways.

If you want to learn more about the importance of branded merchandise check out our post detailing the 5 greatest benefits which come with this type of merch.