6 Clever Swag Ideas that People Will Want to Keep





clever swag bag ideas for 2019

When choosing what to put in SWAG bags (also known as delegate bags) it’s tempting to be a copycat. But who really wants more of the same old same old swag giveaways? Instead, stand out. Your delegates will be thrilled to receive a conference gift that is actually worth keeping. That is why we created this list of unique swag ideas.

What does swag mean in business?

Swag is an acronym which means ‘Stuff We All Get’. If you have ever been to a conference or event, you may have been handed a delegate bag. Inside, there are heaps of branded items. Yet, most of the event swag ideas have been overdone, are left unused or even end up in the bin. That said, there is a golden opportunity to get creative and become a brand that will be remembered through your gifting.

6 Original Swag Ideas For Delegate Bags

So what is the best promotional item to give away? Well, here are 6 of the best swag ideas to showcase your business, be recognised and remembered. 

1. Promotional Travel Gifts

unique swag ideas travel theme

Swag travel gifts are a great idea to fill your bag with something a little different, particularly if you have delegates flying into the country for your event. For instance, you could include an inflatable neck rest. Alternatively, keep it local with an oyster card holder.

Finally, miniatures are a favourite swag idea for many. So why not get everyone talking with a mini tea and coffee set?

2. Glass Bottled Water

swag ideas bottle of water

While branded bottled water isn’t always a swag giveaway that your delegates will keep forever, it will be appreciated and remembered. After all, your guests need water. So why not kill two birds with one stone? Choose from still or sparkling, or treat delegates with both options in their event bags.

3. Promotional Power Banks

useful swag bag ideas power banks

Branded power banks are an excellent promotional giveaway to put inside of your swag bag. Delegates will no longer need to search for a plug socket. Instead, you will find the attendees in your seminars. Genuinely useful, these power banks are one of the best promotional giveaways.

4. Portable Speakers

portable speakers to be branded and used as a swag bag idea

Everyone listens to music. That’s why music can be such a powerful marketing tool. For example, retailers often play upbeat songs to set the mood and align with their brand image. Why should you miss out? Branded speakers are a great goodie bag investment. Your brand will be at the top of the delegate’s minds every time they listen to their favourite tunes. This unique swag idea hasn’t been overdone either!

5. Eco-Friendly Swag Ideas

ideas for eco friendly swag items

Choosing eco-friendly giveaways is a smart strategy. Not only are there stand-out products available but you will also be improving your brand’s persona. There are so many goodie bag ideas to choose from. For instance, useful desktop supplies or eco-friendly umbrellas. Of course, all of the swag items are branded. Don’t tell your delegates you care about the environment, show them.

6. Trending Swag Products

best ideas to put in swag bags

Finally, if you are going to choose popular promotional swag items, you should try and jump on the trend from the get-go. That way, your giveaway won’t be given away.

Event Swag Bag Ideas – Which Bag to Choose?

As well as choosing the best swag idea for your company, you also need to pick out an event bag. You can get creative here too as there are plenty of corporate swag bag ideas. It’s best to choose your swag giveaways before settling on a corporate event goodie bag. That way, you can be sure all of the best swag items will fit.

Types of swag bag:

  1. A jute bag is a durable style swag bag which suits both men and women. 
  2. A shopper tote bag which can be reduced in size. Thus, your delegates won’t have any issues taking their goodie bags home. Also, these bags are eco-friendly!
  3. Printed backpacks can contain a significant weight without breaking. Choose neutral colours to suit the maximum number of attendees. 
  4. Travel bags are excellent for catering to larger items. Of course, the travel bag is best suited to sports events. 
  5. Drawstring bags are similar to the shopper bags as they can easily fit into a suitcase or a handbag for the return trip home.