Promote your brand with a mail shot

A mail shot is a great way to promote your business. More personal than an email, without the risk of being spam filtered or even deleted. As the envelope will also be slightly bulky, it will also arouse some curiosity and pleasure if it contains a well thought out promotional product!

Certain crucial aspects naturally require consideration. Is the budget sufficient and what about the overall lead time? Who is the recipient and what does your message convey? Is there a call to action and how is this measured? Selection of an appropriate promotional item for the target market is looked at in more detail below.

How much will it cost?

This is a factor that needs plenty of planning – how many items will be needed and what is the total cost of production? The size, shape and weight of the item will be of major importance in terms of packaging and postal cost. What other material is being sent and will you outsource the fulfilment or is overtime a consideration? Fortunately, there is a large range of promotional merchandise that is lightweight and compact. Budget keyrings, credit card USB’s, plastic pens, fridge magnets, puzzle trays or even confectionary items such as mint cards and chocolate. These all lend themselves well to postal delivery, as they are easily packaged.

How long will it take?

The project needs to be planned in advance and well co-ordinated. What is the lead time for production of the promotional products and other materials? How long will it take to pack and deliver each envelope? If the mails shot is aimed at a seasonal event, then timing and choosing a really relevant product is even more crucial. For example, you could send promotional eggs for Easter, or a foldable frisbee for Summer.

Who is the recipient?

Some items are fairly generic – a printed pen is a useful item, gets the company name in circulation and will be used and appreciated. Nevertheless, it is always nice to be slightly more creative with products where possible. Look at the target market – would they appreciate an eco-friendly item demonstrating the philosophy of their organisation has been taken into consideration? Perhaps mini packs of hand sanitisers or crayons for health care providers and schools respectively?  A little thought and research can provide some really good ideas and create added value to your marketing campaign in terms of response. 

What is the product objective?

What type of reaction is expected?  A novelty or fun item will elicit a smile and hopefully be passed around and enjoyed. This is known as ‘fiddle factor’ and a promotional Rubik’s cube is a good example of this. A play on words will engage the imagination, such as ‘try our mints for some fresh thinking’ or a printed teabag with the message ‘tee off with us’ to golf clubs.  A product may also be a call to action, which is why charities still send promotional pens to encourage signing a donation form.

Was it a success?

So, you have chosen the perfect promotional product, you are on budget and on time! Ultimately, the aim of any marketing campaign is to promote your business and generate an increase in activity. Clearly the cost of this needs to be gauged against the positive outcome expected to be achieved. If a mail shot has been tried before, then the percentage of previous positive response will be available as a barometer. However, the manner in which the responses can be measured, lies in what is being offered. This is why a ‘call to action’ is sometimes the defining factor. The aim of the promotional gift is to create attention, but it’s harder to measure without this ingredient. A special offer, discount or reward programme are just a few options that can be utilised.

Remember, a well co-ordinated campaign sent out at the right time and demonstrating that care and attention has gone into adding a personal touch will give your brand an edge.