Promotional USB Drives – 5 ways they help grow your brand

Promotional products are an effective way to advertise and promote brand awareness, but why choose a promotional USB drive? Best known for being handy little devices to store and transport data, below are 5 very good reasons USB’s can promote your brand.

The Perfect Pitch

If you are delivering a presentation or business plan to prospective clients, it is common for participants to receive a folder or bag full of documents. These potentially spend the next few weeks in a drawer or are quickly recycled after use. Alternatively, your presentation could be uploaded onto a promotional USB drive and handed to each participant. This gives quick and easy access to all information and keeps your company name in view.

Marketing Tool

Wherever or whenever you want to promote your company, a promotional USB drive is a good choice. They can be uploaded with details about your business and distributed at conferences, networking events or to prospective clients – yet again reducing paper usage whilst promoting your brand in an eco-friendly manner. The uploaded information can be locked, but even if wiped the USB is still serving its purpose as an effective marketing tool. A printed USB could even replace a traditional business card – maybe not as portable in large numbers, but certainly impressive.

Incentive & Reward Gifts

USB drives have a high perceived value, so are an ideal corporate gift for clients and prospects alike. They could be offered as an incentive gift to prospects, or as a reward to clients for ordering a certain level of goods. Either way, a promotional USB will always be well received.

Spread Awareness

USB’s are a robust, useful and re-usable way to store and transport information. This makes them less disposable than other items and more likely to be used as a way of sharing information – and promoting your company many times over.

Universal Appeal

A USB drive is universal in its appeal. Whether you target charities, universities, blue chips or the health service; anyone with a PC will benefit from a USB and potentially use this promotional product on a daily basis. Although USB’s are more expensive than traditional promotional items, their main advantage is longevity. It can be argued therefore, that promotional USB’s are a very cost effective marketing tool and even offer the same value for money budget promotional pens and printed mugs!