The Importance of branded merchandise: 5 key benefits





benefits of branded merchandise

Why is branded merchandise important?

Undoubtedly you will have seen companies or famous people creating, selling and/or giving away branded merchandise. This traditional marketing technique is certainly not dead and can be great for your own brand.

Table of contents:

  1. Good Value for money
  2. Promotes customer satisfaction
  3. Promotes brands recognition
  4. Tangibility
  5. Positive brand association

1. Good value for money

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Good marketing doesn’t necessarily have to come at a high cost, even smaller businesses could manufacture free promotional products that ensure customers remember them. In fact, according to 57% of people recall advertising they’ve seen on mugs.

If you want to use them as branded promotional products and give them away to your customers, you will win them over and potentially other customers by having the name of your company on a promotional mug.

2. Promotes customer satisfaction

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Who doesn’t like freebies? Your customers sure will! If the merchandise you are producing is high quality, then this will get your customers to come again and buy more of the products you’re offering creating customer loyalty. In fact, 73% of customers who received branded merchandise from a company said they would go make purchases from that company in the future, according to a study from the British Promotional Merchandise Association.

3. Promotes brand recognition

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If you have a brand, one thing you want is for people to recognise it easily. One example can be the M logo for McDonalds. No matter which country you’re in around the globe, everybody knows exactly which brand it’s associated with. While McDonalds is an enormous brand, this is the sort of effect you’d want for your own company.

However, not only do companies benefit from branded merchandise, celebrities do as well. In fact, if you look at Youtubers, branded merchandise is one of their biggest sources of income and not only that, but it’s also a great marketing technique to gain more followers. When you see someone walking around wearing a branded hoodie or a promotional t-shirt with an interesting logo, you’d be naturally curious to find out more about it, which will most likely bring some people to their channels, creating a new wave of fans.

4. Tangibility

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While a great ad can make people think and talk about your brand, company branded merchandise can offer your customers the ability to experience your products. This factor makes it more memorable and likely for them to recognise and trust your brand, especially if your products are of high quality and they enjoy them.

Digital advertising and traditional advertising are good for targeting other senses such as sight and hearing, and while they bring a lot to your brand, branded merchandise will produce real interactions, which is something neither one of the other two can do. Another good thing about branded merchandise is that this kind of marketing technique doesn’t stop when you turn off the app or the tv, like it would with traditional or digital advertising.

5. Positive brand association

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When people see your products being used by others, they will associate it with something positive, with your brand being helpful. Even though it’s not consciously, your brain will inevitably associate it with something good. Who doesn’t like a company that gives? This will definitely secure a place in your customer’s hearts.

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