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Why Branded Hoodies Are So Popular

Fashion and industry trends come and go, but the popularity of promotional hoodies is unwavering. The beauty of hoodies is their wide-ranging appeal. By simply adding hoods to sweatshirts, a traditionally formal workwear item became instantly more fashionable!

Walk down any UK street and you’ll most likely see a student or adult wearing a logo-printed hoodie. The odds are that someone reading this is wearing a hoodie! Custom-printed hoodies are a great way to promote your brand and increase visibility among potential customers.

Read on for reasons why branded hoodies are good for your brand image and how they can benefit your business alongside other promotional items.

Custom Hoodies Are Functional And Fashionable

Hoodies suit pretty much anyone and can be worn almost anywhere! They are a universally popular and versatile item of clothing across all ages and genders, with prices to suit any budget.

The abundance of styles and sizes on the market is endless, as are the various materials and fabrics. These are only surpassed by the huge range of hoodie colours; ranging from bright pink and sunflower to classic black and heather navy.

Hoodies are worn by sports teams, college students, and school leavers. They are also adorned as casual business workwear, instead of formal staff uniforms. Printed hoodies and embroidered hoodies can also be worn at trade shows, exhibitions and other promotional or marketing events.

Promotional Hoodies Offer A Great ROI

Custom-printed hoodies will constantly serve as a walking advertisement for your business while reinforcing your brand identity. Whether you opt for printed hoodies to promote a new product or embroidered hoodies to impress clients, the investment in your brand is worthwhile.

Branded hoodies start at low prices, even in small quantities. They are often kept for years, long after your initial marketing drive.

Branded Hoodies At Purple Moon Promo

At Purple Moon, we take pride in offering a vast selection of promotional merchandise, corporate gifts and branded clothing. We are constantly searching for new styles and colours, particularly for our most in-demand promotional items like custom hoodies.

Our broad range of branded hoodies cater to everyone. If you’re looking for embroidered hoodies with a zip or two-colour varsity hoodies with the perfect fit – we can assist. Whether you’re a school leaver, university student or tradesperson; we have a wide range of hooded sweatshirts that can be branded with your logo or other design.

Browse our wide range to explore our most popular promotional hoodie brands including AWDis, Fruit of the Loom and Gildan. If you’re after a different hoodie brand, please get in touch for assistance.

Custom Work Hoodies

If you’re looking for casual staff uniforms, then branded hoodies and sweatshirts are ideal for any time of year. They provide comfort and warmth during colder seasons while zip hoodies function as a jacket during warmer weather.

Workwear hoodies look great with printed or embroidered logos and other company branding. At Purple Moon, we offer high-quality screen printing, embroidery, full-colour transfer print and more.

School Leavers Hoodies

Kids love Leavers hoodies! Colourful and engaging, they are a constant reminder of growth and friendship. If you’re looking for affordable leavers hoodies, look no further than our AWDis kids hoodie.

Individually packed and available in over 30 colours and various sizes. For larger children, we also stock an adult AWDis hoodie in even more colours. You can order our leavers’ hoodies with printed or embroidered logos.

Printed Promotional Hoodies

If you’re planning an exhibition or other marketing event, the odds are you’ll be investing in bulk promotional items such as branded sweets, drinks and printed pens. For the finishing touch, it’s worth considering branded hoodies to complement these promotional products and other materials.

Printed hoodies will make your team look professional, yet relaxed and approachable. If your logo contains a vibrant colour like purple, the overall visual impact can be very impressive! Even if you opt for a traditionally corporate colour like navy, printed hoodies will ensure your team stands out – even when they are grabbing a bite to eat.

Hoodies for Universities

A university can boost brand and fundraising efforts with custom-branded hoodies. Printed promotional hoods can also spread awareness of university societies and increase student engagement.

If we had our pick of hoodie styles for universities, it would be our AWDis Varsity Hoodie. We stock a wide range of sizes and colours, with contrasting inner-hood colours and matching drawcords.

Custom promotional hoodies look great with quality embroidered university crests, which give them a retail-quality feel, especially when paired with branded beanie hats.

Club Hoodies

A club can be anything from a sports team or dance group to hikers and hobbyists. What ties them all together is their proud traditions and community spirit. Logo-branded clothing such as embroidered hoodies and custom-printed hoodies will benefit and harness that togetherness.

Promotional hoodies are also very affordable, which helps with budgetary constraints felt by many sports teams and clubs, especially when reliant on volunteers.

Eco-Friendly Hoodies

Here at Purple Moon, we take great pride in our sustainable branded merchandise. As part of our Environmental Policy, we strive to offer eco-friendly promotional products in every category.

Browse our range of eco-hoodies to discover styles made from organic and recycled cotton for kids and adults.

How to order your branded hoodies.

It doesn’t matter if you require printed hoodies with full-colour branding, complex embroidery or a simple message or logo – Purple Moon can assist. We also offer express-branded hoodies for trade shows, new staff and last-minute promotions. Simply get in touch and order today!

Hoodies FAQs

Which hoodie brands do you offer?

We feature the most popular hoodie and workwear brands on our site including Uneek, Gildan, AWDis and Fruit of the Loom. The stock levels are always high and our prices are very competitive. If you’re after another promotional hoodie brand like B&C, Stanley Stella and Russell, we can supply these too!

Do you offer an express service?

If you require branded hoodies or other promotional products in a hurry, please get in touch. We excel in fast print and embroidery for trade shows and more – it’s all part of our service at no additional cost.

What branding methods do you use?

We offer a wide range of versatile branding methods for hoodies and other promotional items. The most common methods we use for our promotional hoodies are screen print and embroidery. Even if your brand logo is very complex, we can still embroider it for you with amazing results.

If you’re after a single word like a nickname, we’d recommend a vinyl transfer print. We also offer DTG print, dye-sublimation print and digital printing at very affordable prices.

Can I mix my leavers hoodie colours?

Absolutely! We offer a huge range of stock colours to suit every taste and personality. Everything from bright yellow to classic navy. We’ll supply you with a list of hoodie colours for your students to choose from.

What size range do you offer?

Our promotional hoodies come in every size and age group. We offer everything from age 1-2 years for nursery children to size 6XL for branded workwear. Hoodie sizes vary between brands and colours.

Do you offer bespoke hoodies?

If you’re launching your own clothing brand or simply require truly unique workwear, please email us your brief. We can manufacture branded hoodies and other clothing to your bespoke requirements.

Hannah Jacobs

Curated by Hannah Jacobs | Digital Marketing Manager

Hannah previously worked as the head of digital marketing for a charitable organisation and also has agency experience. She possesses natural communication skills and a talent for writing that really resonates with our clients - resulting in engaging and relevant copy on branded merchandise.

Hannah has a talent for matching great promotional products with current trends and seasonal events. Her expertise is invaluable to marketers working with Purple Moon when planning exhibitions, trade shows and corporate events.

In her spare time Hannah loves to read, swim and walk her dog Bailey (apparently Bailey walks her)!