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How Promotional Mugs Can Boost Your Marketing

Ubiquitous Use

Promotional mugs are ever-present marketing tools that have endless reach. Whether it’s for tea, coffee or any other type of drink, mugs are used in multiple settings during every time of day and night. Your brand will be seen in homes, offices, warehouses, schools and more.

With such a diverse range to choose from, there is always a suitable option for your brand. Our best-selling Cambridge Mug is a great starting point. It has a simple straight-lined design, with a large wrap-around print area. You can even print on the handle, inside rim, interior and exterior base! Cambridge Mugs also known as Durham Mugs, can be printed up to full colour, and are available in various finishes and colours.

Long-lasting Branding

Whether you have a small or large marketing budget, promotional mugs will provide fantastic ROI. Mugs are robust and practical, so people often keep and use them for years. Consequently, drinkers can become sentimentally attached to their mugs, and even possessive! Imagine the long-lasting connection that your target audience builds when drinking from branded mugs. 

We are very selective with the promotional mugs offered at Purple Moon, as they need to stand the test of time. Take our Marrow Mugs and Newbury Mugs, for example, each sporting a completely different aesthetic, yet both unwavering in popularity. Plus, they are both domestic dishwasher and microwave-proof, which increases product and brand longevity.

Versatility In Design

Our choice of promotional mugs is diverse and versatile. We offer different shapes, sizes and colours, with variations in material and finish. Everything from a classic Windsor bone china mug, with a sweeping handle and delicate rim, to a modern Hook mug, with a stylish matt finish. Select the mug most suited to your brand’s image and your target audience’s preferences. 

To highlight the versatility that our mugs have, look no further than our branded Spoon Mugs. They have an elegant inward curving body, different gloss colour options, and a matching spoon – ideal for soup and hot chocolate. If you’re looking for a novelty promotional mug, then you’ll love our neon Chalk Mugs, ideal for modern coffee shops or creative office exchanges!

Multiple Branding Options

Here at Purple Moon, we pride ourselves on offering different branding methods for every type of promotional product and corporate gift. Due to their versatility, our promotional mugs can be branded in multiple ways and different positions. 

Most of our mugs are spot coloured printed, which is great for simple logos with 1-4 colours. If you have a multi-colour and/or complex design, then we’d recommend full-colour dye-sublimation print. If the mug is slanted or unorthodox in shape like our popular Deco Mugs and attention-grabbing Quadra Mugs, we’d recommend transfer print. For a subtle and very corporate look, we can even etch your design! Many of our mugs can even be branded to the interior or exterior base, handle and inside rim.

Where You’ll Spot Promotional Mugs

At Work and at Home

Our personalised mugs can be mainstays on every desk of every home and office of your target audience. From the breakfast table to the work desk, there’s always a place for a mug. Your brand can find its spot in these important spaces, becoming a regular feature of someone’s day-to-day routine.

Corporate Events

Trade shows, conferences, and other big business expos are prime opportunities to spread your brand’s awareness through the use of promotional giveaways. Corporate mugs are cost-effective promotional items to give to potential partners and clients, as drinkware is functional and affordable. These items can serve as daily reminders about your brand.

Hospitality Industry & Coffee Shops

There’s no place more obvious for branded mugs to be in than a modern café. On top of their practical use as drinkware, printed mugs fit the vibe of coffee shops and expose your brand to audiences of all ages. Reap the benefits of brand impressions with your logo visible on every mug customers use.

Merchandise Shops & Fundraising Events

Consumers will always show loyalty to a brand by buying merchandise as a gift, or for personal use. So, whether you’re a local sports team or a globally recognised charity, promotional mugs will help increase brand awareness and raise valuable income for your cause.

Custom Mugs at Purple Moon

With over 100 million cups of tea and 98 million cups of coffee enjoyed by Brits each day, promotional mugs are an obvious choice for wide-reaching brand awareness. Print your logo or message onto any of Purple Moon’s high-quality mugs to expand your reach.

You can’t go wrong with our wide range of earthenware ceramic mugs. They are durable, print-friendly, and won’t affect a drink’s flavour in any way. For the value they bring in terms of reach and longevity, ceramic branded mugs are worth every penny as a promotional tool. 

If you’re after a classically styled mug, then our bone china mugs are the premium alternative. They have a lighter feel and tend to retain heat for longer. If you need corporate gift ideas, bone china mugs are perfect to portray your brand. They will find a use for a long time, acting as constant reminders to potential customers about your company.

For a more eye-catching and visual campaign, browse our selection of coloured mugs. Available in popular colours to complement your logo, including yellow, green, red and blue. We can even colour-match mugs to your logo Pantone colours.

If you want to show off eye-catching artwork that elevates your brand, you can opt for our full colour printed mugs. These are dye-sublimated with millennium coating to ensure the prints last as long as possible. Our mugs are also domestic dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about your custom artwork fading.

Mugs FAQs

Are printed mugs dishwasher safe?

Yes, you can place our printed  mugs in a domestic dishwasher without worry (top rack recommended). They are crafted to be dishwasher safe whilst maintaining their quality and print. We want our clients and their target audiences to enjoy using our drinkware regularly, so cleaning them should be convenient. Naturally, the longevity of mug print is dependent on frequency of use and washing, chemicals used and dishwasher type!

Can you put custom mugs in a microwave?

You can safely heat up your favourite drinks in our ceramic mugs using a microwave. The mugs won’t be damaged at all while you wait for the microwave to do its job. However, we do not advise you microwave bone china mugs, or other mugs that lack microwave safety signs.

Do you offer custom coloured promotional mugs?

We have a vast selection of coloured mugs, everything from classic white or black, to vibrant red or yellow. If your brand guidelines are very strict, however, or you want your mug to pop, then we have the perfect solution. We offer colour matched drinkware on a range of promotional mugs and drinks bottles. This service enables you to match a mug exterior, interior or rim to your selected Pantone (PMS) colour. The results can be quite impressive and will enhance your brand.

What’s the difference between bone china and ceramic mugs?

Bone china is actually a type of ceramic that is more delicate and lightweight than other grades of ceramic. Despite this, bone china mugs are still versatile and robust, and are viewed as the premium option. Although we have used the word generically, the mugs in our online ceramic range are made from earthenware, which is the most popular type of ceramic for promotional mugs.

What is dye-sublimation mug printing?

Dye-sublimation is a printing method used for full-colour designs. It’s ideal if you have complex, intricate and wrap-around artwork. The process involves applying artwork to a sheet of transfer paper, which is then heated and transferred onto the mug. The results can be quite vibrant and striking. As the ink is embedded into the mug surface, it provides a long-lasting finish. We also apply a special ‘millennium’ coating to our dye-sublimation printed mugs, which extends the print life even further.

Can I order personalised mugs?

If you’d like to order personalised mugs, then we can assist. In fact, we can apply an individual’s name to other corporate gifts, including metal pens and drinks bottles. This is a thoughtful way to reward employees and thank clients.

Alexia Kyprianou

Curated by Alexia Kyprianou | Purple Moon Founder

Alexia is the founder of Purple Moon Promotional Products and has over 25 years’ industry experience. It’s fair to say – she is a trusted authority on all things branded! Through her devotion and flexible approach to customer service, Alexia has established fantastic client relationships spanning over 15 years.

Alexia views herself as more than a supplier. She is always following merchandise trends, sourcing new products and finding the best solutions for her clients’ marketing events. This mindset is ingrained within the company culture – positioning Purple Moon at the forefront of the UK promotional merchandise industry.

Away from work, Alexia enjoys going to the gym and spending time with her family – she has four children!