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Why Eco-Friendly Products Are Great For Your Brand

Sustainable Corporate Gifts Can Drive Growth

The demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable practices in the way we live and consume has never been higher. It’s not set to slow down either. Increased awareness has not only led to a more eco-conscious customer, but it has also meant that modern-day consumers are more aware of the power of purchasing.

People will actively choose to shop at more sustainable outlets, even when the goods are more expensive, or form relationships with more eco-conscious brands. Businesses that are working to become green are attracting more customers and seeing the benefit of more growth from it.

A Long-Term Sustainable Investment

The preservation and protection of our planet are not a passing fad. Sustainable solutions are going to continue to be the leading motivator of production and consumption, with customers primarily concerned with investing their time and money into brands that are adapting to a greener way of operating. Prioritising sustainability as a business is far from a short-term investment, and those who are pivoting to a more ethical marketing strategy are more likely to experience a positive impact on their brand and consumer loyalty.

Enhance Customer Perception with Personalised Eco-Friendly Products

Organisations are increasingly more interested in who they’re buying from, what the background of the business is and what the brand stands for. It’s never been easier to access this information, with eco-credentials carrying increasingly more weight.

Curating a greener brand image enhances customer perception and builds trust, as it demonstrates that your business cares about the impact your operations have on the planet. Environmental responsibility shows a consideration for corporate and social responsibility, which serves to promote a healthier brand image to consumers. Switching to eco-friendly branded merchandise is a fantastic way to illustrate this commitment. Millennials and Gen Z are examples of eco-consumers that are very considerate in their buying choices and the brands they associate themselves with.

New Affiliations & Partnerships

Printed Corn Promotional LanyardAs the demand for sustainable alternatives and greener solutions has soared, suppliers, brands and investors are more concerned about creating business relationships with brands that are themselves green-thinking. Connecting with businesses that are actively and openly operating more sustainably enhances a brand’s eco-credentials, attracting more opportunities for business relationships and investments from like-minded eco-conscious investors and partners.

Internal Use & Recruitment

On an internal level, people are also increasingly pivoting to work for companies that care about the environment. A greener brand image and environmentally conscious practice can boost both your employee retention and recruitment, as individuals will be drawn to businesses that have more ethical values. Using branded merchandise for internal use, such as our Eco-Friendly Lanyards and Biodegradable ID Card Holders, can demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to the well-being of the planet to your existing team and potential employees.

Carbon Offsetting

We always offer an eco-friendly option where possible, when our clients approach us for promotional merchandise and corporate gifts. As part of our commitment to a more sustainable future, this also involves a carbon offset option. Carbon offsetting is essentially the reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that offset emissions that occur elsewhere. As the demand for carbon offset production and manufacturing processes is so high, businesses can actually purchase carbon offset credits that decrease their carbon footprint.

By using UK manufacturers where possible, we automatically reduce our carbon footprint, as we significantly reduce the transit miles required to deliver your branded merchandise. Carbon offset promotional giveaways like our UK-made button badges, will demonstrate that your business is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, promoting your eco-credentials and appealing to a larger number of customers.

Our Eco-Friendly Branded Merchandise

Eco-Friendly Promotional ProductsWe’re committed to offering the biggest and best range of eco-friendly promotional products the industry has to offer. Our collection of eco-friendly bags, stationery, desktop gifts and drinkware is constantly refreshed, with new products introduced weekly. We even offer eco-friendly clothing, like this vegan-certified Organic Hoodie!

If you have a tight budget or simply require smaller gifts, then our eco-friendly pens and cotton shoppers are great starting points. We also offer corporate eco gifts. In fact, every marketing budget is catered for and we supply everything in between, like our popular eco notebooks and take-out mugs.

If you’re planning a fundraising event, trade show or exhibition – we have sustainable products to promote the eco-conscious values of your business.

How to Order Your Eco-Friendly Promotional Gifts

When you order with Purple Moon, one of our friendly Account Managers will assist you every step of the way, to ensure you’re satisfied with the finished product. Have a look at our ordering process for more details, or get in touch today for a free quick quote.

Eco Friendly Promotional Products FAQs

What eco-friendly materials are used in your promotional products?

Just a few years ago, the choice of eco-friendly promotional products we could offer was fairly slim. Products were predominantly limited to recycled paper, cotton and plastic. Increased demand and improved manufacturing processes, means there is now a multitude of sustainable and recycled materials available to choose from. Most importantly, there is a genuine desire within the promotional merchandise industry to offer more innovative and cost-effective branded eco-products.

Purple Moon has always been an advocate for this, which is reflected in our large and diverse range of eco-friendly products. Our collection includes products manufactured from natural materials including cork, bamboo, wheat, rice, coffee grounds, corn, cotton, jute and stone. We also offer products made from recycled materials and products, such as our Tyre Coasters,RPET drawstring bags and Milk Carton Pens. Some of our products even fuse eco materials!

Are eco-friendly promotional products more expensive?

Although this was certainly the case previously, raised awareness and demand have driven down the cost of eco-friendly gifts considerably. So, although certain items might still be more expensive, some are in fact more cost-effective – like our eco-friendly Cork Coasters and Trolley Coins. On the whole, the slight premium paid for eco-friendly products is far outweighed by the value of becoming a greener brand.

Are eco-friendly products branded in the same way?

We utilise the exact same branding methods with our eco-friendly products as our other promotional products. These include spot colour print, full-colour print and laser engraving. Branding methods are subject to the product material and the results can be quite striking – such as our Engraved Bamboo Notebooks.

Do you offer UK made eco-friendly products?

Many of our UK manufacturers have been offering eco-friendly promotional products for years. These include our eco base sports bottles, trolley buddy keyrings and bamboo name badges.

We have always supported UK manufacturing, so even where we can’t offer an eco alternative, our range of UK Made promotional products reduce our carbon footprint. Look out for the Union Flag across our site for anything UK Made.

Can I order a bespoke eco-friendly product?

At Purple Moon, we understand that every business is different. That’s why we offer bespoke promotional product solutions for any organisation that has a specific requirement. We have provided this service to charities, marketing agencies, car dealerships and more. Our Bamboo Lapel Pin Badges exemplify how we are also pivoting to more natural and sustainable materials. They can be custom-made into any shape and branded with your design (we’ll even plant a tree for every 50 badges purchased)!

Whether our clients require exhibition giveaways or corporate awards, we’re dedicated to fulfilling every bespoke requirement for eco-friendly products. Our friendly and experienced team will take the time to fully understand your brief and provide an eco-solution to enhance your brand. Get in touch today to learn more about our services.

Alexia Kyprianou

Curated by Alexia Kyprianou | Purple Moon Founder

Alexia is the founder of Purple Moon Promotional Products and has over 25 years’ industry experience. It’s fair to say – she is a trusted authority on all things branded! Through her devotion and flexible approach to customer service, Alexia has established fantastic client relationships spanning over 15 years.

Alexia views herself as more than a supplier. She is always following merchandise trends, sourcing new products and finding the best solutions for her clients’ marketing events. This mindset is ingrained within the company culture – positioning Purple Moon at the forefront of the UK promotional merchandise industry.

Away from work, Alexia enjoys going to the gym and spending time with her family – she has four children!