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Corporate and Executive Keyrings

Promotional keyrings are used in multiple ways – from budget friendly local advertising to national marketing campaigns. When dealing in larger quantities, most companies opt for plastic, PVC or other budget friendly keyrings.

Metal keyrings in comparison, are slightly more expensive. This however, doesn’t mean they aren’t cost effective. The target audience is usually corporate, so metal keyrings are generally distributed as personal gifts – versus high volume giveaways.

In addition to brand awareness, this creates brand loyalty. Receiving a high perceived value item, makes the recipient feel valued also. When combined with additional corporate gifts such as metal pens and embossed wallets, the overall impact can be significant – as can the return on investment.

When branding corporate and executive keyrings, laser engraving is most commonly used. Sometimes as cost effective as print, whilst increasing the perceived item value and corporate look.

Most of our metal keyrings are presented in simple plain gift boxes, but bespoke and printed packaging is available for premium promotional items.