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Branded Mints

The popularity of branded mints can be seen in some very large sectors – hospitality and automotive in particular. So, if you’re considering promotional confectionery for your next event giveaway, then branded mints are definitely a safe bet. They’re ideal for travel, have a long shelf life and are enjoyed by a wide audience.

The choice of packaging is diverse, which opens up a range of innovative branding opportunities. Printed mint cards for example, can be printed in full colour and used as a business card! They’re credit card sized too, so slip easily into a pocket or envelope for marketing. If you’re looking for budget exhibition giveaways, then promotional mint cards are ideal.

If you have slightly more to spend on your promotional mints, we can cater to your needs. Try our range of printed mint tins, available in various sizes, styles and colours. These include the classic branded click clack mint tins and the popular hinge mint tins.

We also have desktop mint options, packed into branded jars and larger mint tins. If you’re leaning towards a corporate gift, how about a stylish recycled aluminium canister? Finished with a distinctive cork closure, they can be filled with classic mint imperials or other types of mints.