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Our Eco-Projects
We fund environmental projects including tree planting and carbon avoidance.

Creating a robust environmental policy has driven us to implement positive measures and practices to become a more sustainable company. We’ve taken this one step further; by committing a percentage of our profits towards funding eco-projects.

To accomplish this goal we’ve partnered with Ecologi – to ensure our funds are allocated responsibly towards global tree planting and carbon avoidance initiatives.

Why We Plant Trees: Healthy trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. Removing this carbon helps slow global warming, restore ecosystems and boost biodiversity. Trees also release oxygen and provide a natural barrier between people and pollutants. Nature in general is also great for your well-being!

Why We Fund Carbon Avoidance: We can all reduce our personal emissions by making small changes to our daily practices and routines. Carbon avoidance projects provide additional climate solutions to prevent greenhouse emissions and help restore nature. This includes for example turning organic waste into electricity.

Community Benefits: In addition to helping the environment, our funding helps support indigenous and local communities. This includes gender equality, employment, improved facilities, healthier foods and a more diverse diet.

Who Are Ecologi?

Ecologi is an environmental organisation founded in 2018. They adhere to the highest standards and have B Corp certification. They only support projects certified by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or the Gold Standard.

Transparency and trust are paramount, so Ecologi provides detailed information for each transaction and can substantiate greenhouse emission reduction.

Climate Positive Workforce

With a plethora of new and contrasting information published daily, calculating our individual impact on the environment isn’t an exact science. However, by combining data from the World Bank and Global Carbon Project, Ecologi has arrived at a widely accepted figure of 9 tonnes per person.At Purple Moon, we fund the equivalent of 9 tonnes of carbon avoidance for each team member – plus an additional 10% (which more than offsets each carbon footprint). As our team grows, so does our funding – ensuring we remain a Climate Positive Workforce.

One Tree Planted

As an additional ongoing commitment to the environment, we pledge to plant one tree each time a client…

N.B We follow ethical marketing guidelines and ensure that our funding is proportional to order values. If your order contains multiple items e.g., promotional pens, mugs and bags – we count this as three orders. If your order value is large but only contains a single product type, we’ll plant multiple trees.

Our eco-projects are updated in real-time, so you can view our progress. If you’d like to learn more or wish to order eco-friendly corporate gifts, please do not hesitate to contact us.