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The Marketing Appeal of Promotional Bags

Functional and Everyday

The user appeal of bags is huge. As highly functional everyday items that most people use on a regular basis, they are the ideal promotional item. They have much larger branding areas than most promotional products, making your business logo impossible to miss. What’s more, they can be printed on each side for enhanced exposure. By their nature bags are easy to carry, making them the ideal promotional giveaway at marketing events such as exhibitions, fundraisers and conferences. Printed bags are literally a walking advert for your business!

If you’re a green-thinking consumer, Purple Moon also has a diverse selection of eco-friendly bags crafted from sustainable materials such as jute and cotton. Our range of foldable bags are reusable, appealing to consumers who are concerned about sustainability and want to shop with brands who share their concern. Our popular Bayford Foldable Shopper even folds into a toggle pouch, pocket-friendly and perfect for handing out as an eco-friendly event freebie.

Achieve Fantastic ROI

Bags are one of the best ways to get your brand noticed, as they will be used far beyond your marketing event or campaign, reaching the eyes of many potential customers during their lifetime.

The level of exposure you’ll earn makes printed bags a very appealing investment, which is very likely to deliver a great ROI based on a competitive cost per impression compared to other marketing channels.

Enhancing Your Promotional Versatility

Our promotional bags come in a diverse range of materials, colours and sizes, so you can match them to your business colour-scheme and logo. With a myriad of uses and choices, bags offer versatility for both your brand and budget.

Our collection of sports bags will also appeal to a range of target audiences, tapping into values and virtues such as health, wellbeing and fitness that can be reflected through your branding at a range of business events. Whether you’re an established gym, running a sports club or launching a new fitness brand, we can supply printed sports bags to match your requirements.

We also have a variety of bags to suit businesses in the retail sector, for example our best-selling budget-friendly branded tote shopper – ideal for peaking consumer interest in outlets as a branded freebie for shoppers. Not only will printed shopping bags continue to promote your brand while your customers are out and about, but they all discourage the use of single-use plastic bags in your store, showcasing your eco-credentials and appealing to a wider demographic of eco-conscious consumers.

Where You Can Use Printed Bags to Promote Your Brand

Marketing Events

Branded bags are a great giveaway option at trade shows, as they increase booth traffic and engage attendees. They also work well for events like exhibitions, with a greater opportunity to catch the eyes of potential sponsors and investors – giving them something they can use long after the event will leave a lasting impression, and have them thinking about your brand each time they use their printed bag. Event bags are also an ideal opportunity to drop in additional marketing materials and promotional giveaways!

Education Sector

Bags have such a wide consumer demographic that they can be used for virtually any kind of sector. Our best selling classic drawstring bags are always a popular choice at school and sports club fundraising events, but can also be sold in university gift shops!

Rewarding Customers

Printed bags can also be used as a means of rewarding customer loyalty, which is a crucial part of any business/consumer relationship. Promotional rewards like our travel bags and holdalls could be a free gift with holiday bookings as a pre-order incentive, or a simple thank you to corporate clients.

In-House Use

On an internal level, branded bags can also be utilised in-house as a means of rewarding staff in recognition of their hard work, such as our Laptop Backpacks. Being acknowledged for your efforts is a powerful motivator when it comes to output in the workplace, and is a great way to boost employee performance while promoting your brand.

Printed Bags at Purple Moon

We’ve got branded bags for any marketing event, whether you’re after a crowd-pleasing printed tote or drawstring that won’t break the bank, or a premium conference bag for a corporate function. Rest assured, we can supply any type of promotional bag from cooler bags, to children’s colouring bags and more.

Once you’ve found the solution for your business, one of our friendly and helpful account managers will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring the safe delivery of your branded bags.

Bags FAQs

Can I order a bespoke promotional bag?

We can manufacture any type of promotional product – including bags! Our fully bespoke solutions are designed to reflect the individuality of your brand and highlight what makes your business unique to your customers. At Purple Moon, we’re dedicated to taking the time to fully understand your specific merchandise requirements, and will always make sure you’re fully satisfied with the end result. If you have something special in mind for your branded bags, please get in touch to find out more.

Do you offer eco-friendly bags?

If you’re an environmentally-conscious consumer, we have an entire category dedicated to promotional bags that are kind to the planet. Our stylish selection of eco-friendly printed bags use a range of sustainable materials, such as our Halton Jute Bag made entirely from natural jute, and our best-selling 5oz Natural Cotton Shopper made from 100% unbleached cotton.

We also have a wide collection of foldable shopping bags that are reusable and discourage single-use plastic carrier bags, perfect for raising your business’ eco-credentials and letting your customers know you’re invested in the preservation of the planet.

What’s the best type of exhibition bag?

If you’re planning an exhibition or similar trade event, we can suggest a bag to meet your requirements. There are many factors to consider when selecting exhibition bags such as expected footfall, budget and your logo design. It’s also important to consider what additional promotional merchandise and marketing materials you’ll be giving away, as you might require larger and/or stronger bags.

For lighter printed materials and exhibition freebies, we’d suggest our kraft bags, cotton tote bags or a biodegradable plastic bag. Each of these popular bags are lightweight and budget friendly. If you intend to gift heavier items or simply prefer a more substantial bag, then our range of eco friendly jute bags are ideal. What’s more, there’s a high chance they’ll be used long after your marketing event on trips to the shops and even the beach!

If you intend to sponsor a trade show, exhibition or conference, then bags are a fantastic marketing opportunity. Just imagine – each time a prospective client walks to and from a competitor’s stand, they’ll be holding a branded bag displaying your logo!

Can you print bags in full colour?

At Purple Moon we can print anything from a single spot colour logo, to complex multi-colour designs. We’ll always recommend the most appropriate print method based on your artwork, budget and lead time. If you’re purchasing business bags and require a corporate finish, then we can also offer embroidered bags. If you require a quote or simply advice, please don’t hesitate to email us your logo and designs.

Alexia Kyprianou

Curated by Alexia Kyprianou | Purple Moon Founder

Alexia is the founder of Purple Moon Promotional Products and has over 25 years’ industry experience. It’s fair to say – she is a trusted authority on all things branded! Through her devotion and flexible approach to customer service, Alexia has established fantastic client relationships spanning over 15 years.

Alexia views herself as more than a supplier. She is always following merchandise trends, sourcing new products and finding the best solutions for her clients’ marketing events. This mindset is ingrained within the company culture – positioning Purple Moon at the forefront of the UK promotional merchandise industry.

Away from work, Alexia enjoys going to the gym and spending time with her family – she has four children!